The awesomeness that is DevFest of 2018 getting nearer and nearer, it’s of no wonder if you’ve been hearing it often and more often for the past few days. This time it will be on 10th November at NSBM Green University Auditorium and be organized by non-other but GDG Sri Lanka who brings you such massive events as Google I/O Extended every year.

This is to give a tad bit of an idea about the flagship tech event of the year.

The event would have two segments divided into five different tracks as follows, one of which had to be chosen on the registration form.

  • Track A – Web
  • Track B – Cloud
  • Track C – Machine Learning
  • Track D – AR-Core
  • Track E – Flutter

No matter which one you chose according the mentioned pre-requisites, you can be sure that you are in for taking one more step toward being an expert in it.

Who will be the (Rockstar) Speakers:

  • Mr. Kasun Delgolla
  • Mr.Keshan Sodimana
  • Mr. Shafraz Rahim
  • Mr. Chathu Wishwajith
  • Mr. Sajeetharan Sinnathurai
  • Mr. Ahmad Shah Nawaz
  • Mr. Fiqri Ismail
  • Mr. Raveen Harith Perera
  • Mr. Sharatchandra Aithal
  • Mr. Chamantha De Silva

Be warned that more speakers would be added, so make sure you check back here often.

So wait up to see if you are eligible to attend this great event which brings together world-class experts in various technologies, and if you aren’t, no need to worry, you can always join them the next year, because everyone knows that DevFest is getting bigger and bigger each year!

Images Courtesy: GDG Sri Lanka