Mobile games provide us with joy as well as concentration.In 1972,the game world gave two dimensional experience.It is not much attractive.As you know,the  game world is now capable of giving 3D experience.We are glad to announce that it has been furthermore developed.Google is going to adding gaming experience to google maps making the real world as your playground.

You can create your own playground as you wish adding virtual objects to the real world layout.They  give an amazing chance to create  popular fictional worlds  in real world .Those are Jurassic World AliveThe Walking Dead: Our World and Ghostbusters World.Google is going to add harry porter environment to this game later this year.

You can see there the playable locations ,indicated by green dots.You can replace them with another virtual object such as rainbows.You can decorate your play ground replacing some special places with  pretty virtual bear for restuarants.

Unity software is used to create those things for gaming environment.Google is adding new features to unity in order to help creating game environment using real world map such as nine slicing,parapets,borders.They give the access to the real world road names and builing on behalf of making the gaming environment accurate.Also they enable you to create a beautiful day night cycle for the environment.[image3,4,5].They use LOD fading  to represent same object with decreasing and increasing  detail in the geometry.

So let’s count down to have this amazing experience….