RecordCast is an online tool for recording screen, voice, and editing the video. It is possible to directly start screen recording when you open the webpage. You can choose to record the sound of the system or the microphone, and add the camera's video or automatically import it after the recording is completed. The platform's built-in video editor can also record screens, add subtitles, background music, cut videos, and other functions, and download 1080P high-quality movies for free.

If you are just starting to conduct interactive online learning courses, product instructional videos, product demonstrations, game competitions, this platform is very suitable for people who don't know how to choose screen recording tools.

Of course, many free platforms have quota restrictions. If you want to use it more, you must increase the price. The current RecordCast is limited by the number of savings. Each account can only have eight projects. However, you must register for an account to download or save. In addition, each recorded video is only 30 minutes, which is a long time!

The original download format of the recorded video is "WEBM file (.webm)". It is recommended to enter the editor and output it as an MP4 file before doing other processing to avoid unsupported files.

How to use RecordCast?

Go to the official website:

There are three ways to register, including Facebook connection, Google account connection, or register directly on the website.

Recording mode

After clicking the record button, you can first select the recording mode, and there are three options:

1. Screen + Webcam

2. Screen only

3. Webcam only

Voice recording options

After selecting the screen, you can select the sound source next. RecordCast provides four scenarios to choose from, giving great flexibility in making videos.

1. Microphone + System audio

2. Microphone

3. System audio

4. No audio

Select recording destination

There are three recording targets to choose from, "Entire Screen", "Application", and "Browser Specific Tab".

If you want to switch software, you must select the entire screen. RecordCast can only record the screen of the browser window.

After selecting, click "Share" to start recording.

If the screen is displayed like a picture, it means the recording has started, and you can switch to the screen you want to record.

During recording, RecordCast provides a pause or re-record button. If the recording is complete, you can switch this page and click the red square button.

When the recording is complete, you can choose to download directly, or download and import and edit.

Enter the editor

The structure of RecordCast's editor is similar to that of general editing software. It is very easy to use. After editing, RecordCast will provide three output movie specifications, including 480p, 720p, 1080p.

By GGSLK Marketing Team