Have you ever got tired trying to remove a background out of a picture? Whether we are an expert in photo editing or not, still, all of us would get an instance where we might need to remove a background from a photo easily and quickly. That’s not impossible now! Remove.bg is here to help us with that!

What is remove.bg?

Remove.bg is a free service to remove the background of any photo. It’s a 100% automated service. You don’t have to manually select the background or foreground layers to separate them unlike in other popular photo editing apps and software. What you have to do is to just type remove.bg in your browser or use the URL https://www.remove.bg and then upload your image. You’ll be able to instantly download the result image with the background removed!

How Does it Work?

The website says that remove.bg uses a sophisticated AI technology to detect foreground layers and separate them from the background. Furthermore it also says that they have used several additional algorithms in place to improve the results as well. Those additional algorithms will specially target on improving the fine details and preventing color contamination. But there’s a specialty with remove.bg. It’s said that it only works for people or faces!

Why Does it Only Work for People or Faces?

AI in remove.bg is trained to detect persons as foreground and everything else as background. That’s why it only works if there is at least one person in the image. In the future they are planning to develop this service further so that it will support other kinds of images as well.

What is the Maximum Image Resolution?

You can upload images of any resolution. However, for performance reasons the output image is limited to 500 × 500 pixels. It is said that they are currently looking into ways to increase this limit though.

Privacy of User Uploads…

According to the details provided by the website, the images are uploaded through a secure SSL/TLS-encrypted connection. Remove.bg process them, and temporarily store the results so the user can download them. After about an hour later those uploads are deleted. Remove.bg guarantees that they do not share your images or use them for any other purpose than removing the background and letting you download the result.

You can learn more about remove.bg through this link. However the service it provides by removing a background just within 5 seconds without a single click is just amazing! It’s certain that remove.bg will reach its users with more and more interesting features in the coming future. Let’s hope for the best!

By Sandali Siriwardane