Samsung, a pioneer in camera sensor development and production, has just unveiled the first 64MP camera sensor and 108MP camera sensor, which has now been incorporated into the smartphone and released to customers.

All of the camera sensors listed above have been manufactured by Samsung and are now ready to take another step forward.

The announcement was made by Yongin Park, CEO of Samaung’s Sensor Business Team, with the intention of manufacturing a 600MP resolution camera sensor. The Sensor has more resolution than images captured by the human eye, according to scientist and photographer Professor Rogar Clark. According to him, the images captured by the human eye are about 576MP.

Although Samsung is manufacturing a 600 MP sensor, adding it to a smartphone will be difficult because it would have to decrease the size from one pixel to another and the smallest pixel size is currently 0.8μm.

The iSOCELL Bright HM1 sensor on the Samsung S20 Ultra smartphone and the iSOCELL Bright HMX Sensor on the Mi Note 10 Pro smartphone have a pixel size of 0.8μm.

Samsung has already launched a 0.7μm Pixel Size Sensor, and it is claimed that the size of a Pixel needs to be further reduced in order to use this 600MP Sensor on a smartphone.

This sensor is more likely to have other devices that are not smartphones. Mr. Yogin Park did not mention the Sensor release date, but it is expected to start sooner than you think.

This bit of news comes in the midst of speculation that at the end of this year we might see maybe a 256MP phone.