Google announced a shocking news for the Google community recently. They have decided to make some quite a few, effective changes on image search and made it harder to steal the pictures.

Removing the ‘view image’ button

This change has made a quite an impact on the normal users.Sounds fair for the photographers and websites. But the ordinary users are not very much happy about this.

Back then, when you search for an image, it allows you view the image itself using ‘view image’ button. And the users can easily use it for their own work. Instead of easiness user needs to take several steps to save an image.

“ Today we’re launching some changes on Google Images to help connect users and useful websites. This will include removing the View Image button. The Visit button remains, so users can see images in the context of the web pages they’re on”
Google Search Liaison (@searchliaison) February 15, 2018

Showing the copyright information

To be true letting people have your stuff for free is not a rightful thing to do. So the google has always been under the pressure of publishers and photographers since it was like stealing their images.

These changes have made publishers happier. Because using this trick now they can make the users drive through their websites where the images are found so that the website can serve ads and get revenues.
This is surely annoying the normal users. Now you have to wait for a website to load and scroll down until you find your image which probably hated to do back then. Websites sometimes disable the ability to right-click, too, which would make it even harder for someone to grab a photo they’re looking for.

But there is a solution for that:

Viewing full-size image

you can right click on the image and select ‘open image in new tab’, and view the full-size image.
But not most of the users are familiar or go for this right click option. So it will always come to the ‘visit’ button.

Removing ‘search by image’ button

Google has also removed the “search by image” button that appeared when you opened up a photo, too. Instead, it appears as a camera icon on the search bar. You can drag the image and drop into that and the google will display the similar images for you.

This can be also done by right click on the image and select ‘search google for image’.

Removing the direct link between the sizes of the image

When you open up the image there was a link for the size of the image, and when you click it it will display all the sizes of the same image, which was super easy to use for any work at all. But Google has also decided to remove the direct link and added several steps to achieve it.
You need to select the ‘search google for image’ option and it will display the sizes you want.

The changes are frustrating. But it’s done to protect the photographers and to drive more traffic to websites. It seems Google has put in a lot of effort to stop the images from being grabbed.