Are you a parent who handles kids with much safe ? Or else hope to have kids in the future after getting married ? Then this will be a very supportive item to make your children smarter and safer. Today let’s talk about a new toy from IBM which is named as IBM Dinosaur. You will be excited after knowing the features it has when it comes to your children.

It is an educational toy dinosaur which supports your child in learning new things. Thousands of enthusiastic parents have bought this toy for their children because it is not only a toy, but also a partner for their children. This new toy has been awarded several awards like IBM Watson Grand Prize Winner of Mobile Developer Challenge, Best Invention of 2015 offered by Times Magazine, Best Use of AI in Education 2015 and Featured on Today Show 2016.

The Dino toy is cloud-connected and a wi-fi enabled device through an app that uses artificial intelligence to grow and learn with child. The Dinos are powered by IBM Watson and Elemental Path’s Friendgine technology, allowing them to deliver the kind of personalized play experience every child deserves. The child can communicate with dino and dino replies to the child which makes an effective communication between child and toy.


This cute Dino can answer questions, tell stories, play games, crack jokes, do math and lead guided meditations. There’s a separate dashboard named as Parent Panel which provides an insight into how the child plays with the Dino. Parents can identify the preferences of the child through this dashboard and can give suggestions to the Dino. IBM Watson Analysis is used within the brain of the toy.

The Dino gets life through batteries and there are different colors to choose from. If a child wants to tell something to Dino and make it listens to him/her, the child needs to hold the button in its tummy. One Dino can be used by only one child since it stores the information about the child. This is the best opportunity for you to give your child the best gift ever, a toy which can talk to your child and play with him/her at any time !