As the title implies this is not like an ordinary smart watch that we wear. Technology comes time to time. They bring bad as well as good. But according to my point of view this smart watch is very much good to us as well as the environment. You will get to know why I said like that at the end of the article itself.

We all know body heat also can generate energy. So it’s an energy resource. It gets energy by converting body heat into electricity. Without wasting energy we can use this energy in a profitable manner. Company called matrix use this concept to develop smart watch powered by body heat.

Matrix industry was the pioneer who introduced this smart watch to the world which belongs to the wearable technology. As a solution for dead batteries they developed this smart watch which can be powered using our body heat. Dead battery problem is the root that led to develop a smart watch like this. You also have experienced that it is very annoying to work with batteries. Want to remove and replace if battery is dead or have to plug them repeatedly for charging. Having to fiddle with unwieldy magnetic disk chargers is also not convenient. They are the downside of normal smart watches. With that in mind they have developed this smart watch.

I think you don’t have considerable amount of ideas regarding how normal smart watch and matrix power watch differ. Let me tell you. Matrix watch is same as normal watch. It includes functions same as in normal smart watches. But there are additional functions in matrix watches. As an example it not only can tell time but also can track every activity and sleep. It is capable of displaying time and tracking your footsteps. Act likes a foot counter. So it will helps you to make sure that you’re active throughout the whole day. It can tell you the total number of distance you travelled per a day. Smart watch contains a heat tracker which tells about heat of your skin. That mean indirectly it measures the calories you burn as heat is the end product of burned calories. Another important feature in this smart watch is it is customizable. It has many range of customizable options. You can change the watch face as you like according to your mood.

Power watch has a tough reinforced bezel that can protect from harms that can occur due to our active life style. This smart watch is quite thick and heavy. If you have a small arm sometimes you may not like to wear thinking that will not suite you but if your choice is this then it will be very beneficial for you. This smart watch is available now a day with two colors black and silver. As per your wish you can select it.

I think you got to know lot of features of this smart watch. Keep touch with these kinds of technologies and ready for a change.