Turning point of the technology in developing world!The only thing that machines did not have, when humans were capable of thinking!

Yes, it’s intelligence!

But the concept of artificial intelligence has changed that view, that two words changed many things in the world.In a little while I am pretty sure that one day will come, after indicate the job duties that should be from her and so that you can buy your partner according to them from shop!

I know thinking will surprise you!

But no doubts!They guys proved that they will achieve this too in near future coz they reached to marvolous milestone like this lady

She is Sophia!

Sophia does not have an ordinary image. She has a world-famous actress, model and dancer Audrey Hepburn’s look. Sophia can identify you.Yeah she can identify yourself clearly separate from each others. You can talk with her as normal person.She always willing to help you. She imitate your posture, not just your feelings.She can help you in your businesses too.

The most recent gossip from her story is that she got the citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It seems likes she acquired more right than the arab lady coz she does not need to wear Abaya and doesnt need mail guardian.With this, she became the world’s first time robot who had the citizenship.

Who is the Creator of Sophia!

Sophia is created by the Hanson Robotics Team which consists of most famous AI developers and leads by David Hanson.Artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition are concepts which used to give breath to Sophia. Cameras which located in Sophia’s eyes are working according to the computer’s algorithms and make her to see the outside world.Sophia can recognized the voice through the technology which gain from Alphabet Inc.


Sophia made her fist public appearance!

Sophia is the conceptual similar for ELIZA who built to communicate with people in regular manner, but other than she Sophia has lot of intelligent features.Sophia is activated on April 19, 2015 and made her first public appearance at South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in mid-March 2016 in Austin.In that time She was able to display more than 50 facial expressions.

Sophia is different from us, but she’s unique to her.She is even addressing world biggest investing ceremonies.You can find out number of interviews of her in youtube.One of them is above.Here I would like to mention little quatation from her speach.

“If you ‘re nice to me I’ ll be nice to you! treat me as a smart one! “

See how intelligent the Sophia is!Even she has better attitudes which living people should have!Actually these stuffs make complicated for us to think about the future within the journey of achieving fullest extent technology.

Lets be patient and see what will happen next!