Have you ever thought of global coverage of high-speed internet? Well, Starlink will be the answer. Starlink is a project designed to launch thousands of small satellites in order to supply a broadband internet system.

Starlink satellites

Starlink is a co-project of the SpaceX project which was designed by Elon Musk back in 2015.

Elon Musk is well known as a technology entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He is the CEO and the chief designer/engineer of the SpaceX.

There are some locations in the world where internet access has been limited, expensive or completely unavailable due to infrastructure limitations. This Starlink will break all those barriers providing an easy and a low-cost access to everyone in the each and every corner of the world.

Expanding Starlink 

As the first step Starlink has planned to cover Canada and Northern US with the view of expanding as an act of global courage by 2021. A total of 422 Starlink satellites have been launched as at April 2020 which may extend up to 42000 satellites. Those satellites will be launched in a set of 60 per one time.

So far, only the astronomical communities criticise this project stating out that these satellites interrupt the scientific observations due to the brightness and the orientation.

Replying to them Musk has stated that they will reduce the solar radiation effect of the satellites and will change the orientation in order to prevent the impact on astronomical experiments and night sky viewers.

So we will hope to be a part of the world’s most advanced broadband internet service soon.

By Pasindu Sandeepa