Stylus Pens are still new to Chromebooks.

Since the arrival of Samsung Chromebook Plus, Stylus support has become a consideration for the Chromebook buyers. In addition to that Google is developing a feature which has shown up in Dev channel for Chrome OS that allow Google Assistant to be activated through a styles pen. For this to work it may need a stylus pen that is also designed on the hardware side of things to allow for interaction with Google’s digital assistant.

It was an open secret that Google Assistant would be stepped on to Chrome OS and that some Chromebooks even end up coming with a Google Assistant hardware key positioned in the keyboard. But activating Google assistant using a stylus pen is something utterly new and different. This seems to be added as of the latest update to Chrome OS Dev Channel.
Google Assistant comes as a new option under Stylus Tools (Which in itself is a set of options that is not readily available on the stable builds of Chrome OS. It’s a flag that you need to enable.). It’s labeled as “Assistant”, which can be accessible right from the stylus for some Chromebooks.

But this feature is still in progress since it doesn’t appear to work, as it was reported that the feature never ended up loading and it didn’t allow for any sort of action. So at the moment the access to this feature is only available to Google employees internally. But we can’t ignore the fact that being able to access to Google Assistant using a Stylus pen. This surely make the reach of Google Assistant far-more-reaching than it already is. Since this feature still in Dev Channel we can’t be sure that this feature makes it to the stable build of Chrome OS. But if it does anyone on the platform will be able to access to Google assistant using voice iteration, with a hardware key, and now using Stylus pen.