Sometimes our school or university pushes us to find out and understand more about the topics we are studying there and to learn about new trending technologies.

With this article, I’m ready to share about some apps which are useful for those references.

Study Blue

We can remind more easily by flash cards system . But keeping and maintaining these flash cards make our room untidy. That is the exact point where Study Blue comes into play. With this app we can be asked to select school and courses you needs. You are allowed to create necessary flash cards. You can also use flash cards created by other students who are enrolled to that courses.


Some people can easily notice complex relationship between numbers. Some cannot. This app is useful for the people who belong to the second category. After logging in we can snap a photo of the equation. No matter if it is printed or written by your hand, the app will give you step by step procedure to help you solve it by yourselves. It is free of charge.


Most of the time we cannot exactly concentrate for the whole time in a lecture and we get a long time to get through what is happening in the lecture. Then we can have a solution which comes as a recording app called otter. When we hit the record button, Otter will use artificial intelligence to transcribe what is exactly happening. At the end we can get well formatted notes through this app.

Office lens

It is a file scanning app that is good at edge detection. It is used to convert all school-related documents as pdfs and make us save that. When we snap a photo of documents, it will easily convert it.Microsoft OneDrive is needed for full access to the office lens.

Khan Academy

Some students are interested to work more than the level they wanted to work in the class. Here comes the choice of Khan Academy. It offers many courses ranging from world history to biology to statistics. There are only a few contents useful for lower grade people. Most of the courses offer advanced materials. There are materials for people who are willing to follow their academic careers also. It is free of charge.


Trello is used for tasks and project management. We can create weekly schedules. We can create boards for our class and add cards to our assignments. From it, we can attach documents and links related. After some time it is useful in tracking down our progress.

These are a few applications and tools, which I believe will be useful for students worldwide. If you are interested, do not forget to try them and see!