Remember Dobby the house-elf from Harry Potter? Google has created a magical creature like him! The Google home!

The Google home is actually a hands free Wi-Fi smart speaker with Google Assistant built-in.I called it a magical creature because that’s how I felt when using it!
It would do things for me, answer my questions, manage my smart home and so many other things.

The Outer appearance

It has interchangeable bases with multiple colors & finishes so it can be matched with its surroundings. There’s the Carbon top with a mango base, a snow top with
a marine base and copper top with a violet base. The top is touch sensitive with 4 LEDs to interact with it. The two holes on top are for microphones. You can find
the mute button on the self.

What can it do?

The Google Home can be the control center for the whole house as it has access to Google assistant. It can switch on/off lights and open/close doors, set
temperature etc. by controlling smart home devises. Google simply embeds itself in your home becoming an assistant for the whole family. Google home can assist
you using the information from your Google account, calendar and other Google services. It can set alarms and timers, manage to-do lists and shopping lists. When
you ask, it can search for music directly from the Cloud as it’s Wi-Fi speaker.

The super power of Google home

None of the above is the actual super power of Google home, or what it makes so superior than Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa. What makes Google home
so awesome is its’ ability answer any question you can come up with. Google home can even answer questions like “How to wear a Saree?” or “What did Deepika dress
for the iifa? “ etc. Not just only about the weather, traffic, food recipes, or facts on Wikipedia .Those type of questions would stamp any search engine but not
Google home because Google has its 17 years of searching experience. More importantly, it’ll provide you personalized answers as it’s integrated with Google
calendar, maps and chrome cast. It uses the web history, Gmail meta data & GPS records on your phone. You don’t even have to ask precisely the right question to
get the right answer from Google home. For example, you can ask “When did she won Nobel prize?” .Google home will identify whom you are referring to using what
you’ve searched previously.

In addition, it has excellent voice recognition. It can separate voice from noise .Can identify your voice separately from your moms’ voice.

How does it works?

The mic works when the Devise has power and not muted. It sends whatever you say to Google servers they interpret and send back requests. It’s hard to believe
that these things are running because you get the results instantly.