Hello guys! This might probably be a good news for Android users. If you have ever searched about the privacy and security protection when surfing the internet, you might have heard about Tor browser. So the good news is, now you can try the first stable release of the (v8.5) Tor browser on your Android device.

Let me give you a brief idea about the role that Tor is playing on behalf of its user. I know you all are much attached with the internet and you post almost everything about you in the internet. Mostly, the places you visit, the people you meet, the things you do, the food you eat and so on. For an example, when you purchase something on the internet, even your credit card information, what kind of things you normally purchase and from which sites etc are recorded. Through these, ads will follow you even with a single click when you are surfing. It is clear that everything you do with the internet can be tracked. Your true identity is visible to anyone. So if a third party wants to watch you and get all your information, it is not a big deal today. Because everything we do in the internet, the sites we visited etc. can be tracked and information can be recorded. I know for sure that you do not want this to happen. You do not want an unknown person to look at every thing you do and steal all your information.

In this kind of a scenario, Tor comes to action. What Tor does is, it protects out privacy and our identity on the internet. It secures your connection in the internet with three layers of encryption and pass it through several voluntarily operating servers around the world. This helps the user to communicate through the internet anonymously. Therefore, it confuses an observer who try to track your information. Now this is the most popular privacy focused browser which helps to hide your location from trackers.

The first alpha built of the Tor browser was released on the month September 2018. But obviously, it had a lot of bugs and stability issues. Now they say that they have worked hard on the feedback they received and 8.5 version of Tor is stable enough to work in Android. Earlier it was only available for desktop devices. But now it is ready to go with Android. In the sense of features, it still is not as complete as the desktop version, but development team and the contributors are working on the improvements on the mobile.

In this Android release, there are couple of new features. Among them, the new logo and the User Interface improvements takes a higher place. Another main feature it has is, it isolate each website you visit so a third party tracker or ads cannot follow you. When you are done browsing, it automatically clear the cookies. Further, it aims to make all users look same so it is difficult for you to be fingerprinted based on your browser and device information, hence, resist fingerprinting. So it is easier to hide in big crowd who look exactly the same.

This browser is quite useful for people who need anonymity. As an example, journalists and bloggers. But despite of your occupation, anyone can download it and use in your Android device.

So, with all these information, it must be clear for you how the Toe browser works and what role it plays in the web surfing. So now it is your chance to protect your surfing an all your information on your Android with Tor. Its time to go anonymous and stay safe.