In the past People had never thought a disease like Covid 19 will invade the world and change the human life styles unexpectedly and drastically. The Covid 19 pandemic is considered as the most challenging health crisis in the century and the hardest ever after World War II in late 19th century. In December a disease which was associated with respiratory system emerged from Wuhan, China and it was named as Covid 19 by world health organization. Since then it has rapidly taken all over the world it had taken away over 200000 human lives. It has enormously gone all over the world causing huge health, economic, environmental and social challenges to entire mankind. Each and every nations are finding it so hard to face the above challenges and Covid 19 is severely shattering global economy.

In order to limit the transmission of disease in the society many of the countries who are being affected decided to undergo a lock down process. Due to lockdown status all the domestic transportation services are suspended temporarily. Entire educational, commercial institutions are closed for a long time in many countries. People who are in tourism industry also facing more difficulties due to this issue. Production level has decreased and also the economies of powerful countries are facing threats of high inflation, increasing in the unemployment so as IT professionals, IT oriented people play a vital role in this era. As most of the problems being solved with the power of information technology like E-learning process, online consultations with. Medication, remote work stations, online shopping etc.

So being limited to one skill in the field of information technology will not be sufficient to take up all the challenges. To overcome these challenges IT professionals should sharpen their knowledge and should be skill full. World of work is evolving and keeps changing quickly which means we needs to figure out how to prepare for a job role. So this article will talk about the skills which will be vital in future to be more employable and the processes to enhance the skills.

Creativity and being innovative

The future of the world mostly rely on creativity and innovation. In addition an innovation is not only a skill but also a critical component which will help businesses to stay in the market by competing with other companies with the help of creativity. So when it comes to job roles any form of companies try to extract an innovative and creative personnel as their accompanies. As creative and innovative personnel being essential factors that are known to be assets of companies that would likely to take them to newer stages. When it comes to developing countries like Sri Lanka encounters lots of issues in relating to technology so the ability to find solutions for these critical problems majorly depend on new innovations.

How can we plan to be innovative or the way to improve it?

World has come to a newer era. In terms of technology each and every information is just a click away so thousands of journals articles books are being published daily in large professional sites so reading is a better way of improving the skill of innovation and creativity. Extracting useful contents and enhancing the knowledge will be a useful habit for all the individuals in any form of the field.

Development of the abilities in facing risks and experimentation in certain tasks also will help to develop the skill of innovation. Even a failed attempt in the process of experimentation reattempting and disregarding the failed attempt will build courage in the mind to do innovations.

Taking look at the previous and past examples from the world E.g. - Steve Jobs journey to Apple Inc. will develop motivation in person to explore more in newer trends in the industry and engage in innovation.

Being Flexible in any situation

Environment and technology keeps changing rapidly whatever were in the past are no more as most of the things were changed. Being flexible or adaptability is one of the essential soft skills that a person should develop in other words we can say that being flexible is the ability of  gaining new skills and behaviors as reactions to changing conditions.  In order to face the changing world an individual should develop their skill to be adapted and also be flexible. When it comes to this skill most of the recruiting staffs of world popular organization tend to search for personnel who are armed with flexibility and adaptability.

How can we plan to be flexible in any situation?

When compare to other industries Information technology is a vastly changing industry it gets updated day by day unlike the other industries. And also when it comes to human resources people used to work as a team in a same work place after the Covid 19 impact lot of working places decided to carry out their day today operation by work from home concept so employees were forced to work independently so adaptability or flexibility are some critical factors that should be developed to face such circumstances. Independent learning process will be beneficial for such instances. Trying to develop the positive mind set with Can Do attitude will reward in a better way to be flexible and adaptive in any situation. Trying to engage in unfamiliar circumstances like adventurous trips investigating new interests and hobbies and being in unexpected situations will develop our mind set to be flexible and to face new challenges successfully. Trying to utilize the time effectively will help to be flexible for future strict deadlines and tide work schedules in the industry.

Programming Skills and Digital Skills

Almost every task that was hardly done in the past now can be done in a blink of an eye, due to digitalization and automation. Unlike the 19th century 21st century’s contribution towards digitalization is vastly admirable. The skill hidden behind all of these is the art of programming. Even the world first ever programmer and inventor Konrad Zuse would never ever thought that programming skill will come this far. Even for a non IT employee the skill of programming will be a great boost. They will help to provide a good knowledge in the abilities of technology. In the Covid 19 situation these skills which are related to web development software development were vital. Due to social distancing people were unable to do their day today tasks so everything which are like shopping learning medication were done through online platforms for these platforms skill full individual were required to develop these so not only now in post Covid times also skill full personnel will be in search for.

How can we plan to develop digitalization skills and programming skills?

Having any kind of device which could access internet is valuable resource to a person who is willing to learn the art of programming. Availability of huge amount of online resources which are geared towards knowledge enhancement of programming skill will be very useful. Wise usage of these resources can help to develop and to clear all doubts and getting familiarized with these concepts.

Taking up free online courses also be very helpful in developing and polishing the skills. Lynda and Udemy online resource providing platforms give various reliable and valuable courses for persons who are at different stages in their knowledge levels so taking up these online courses and completing its all tasks and exercises will not only give a good knowledge but also gives a career highlighted professional qualification. Engaging in lot of practices what we have gained through will also a good way of improving the concepts. Eventually it will be beneficial to get familiarized with concepts and will help to develop a skilful individual to face competitive job market. Interaction with communities who are involved in computer science discipline also a way of developing skills. Stack overflow is a better example for an online community to ask questions, cooperate, and share facts.

Ethical behaviours and communication competencies

Social or the ethical behaviour can be defined as the interrelation among personalities. These can be hostile, mutualistic or collaborative behaviours. As information technology professionals association with various personalities from different social planes happen regularly. So being able to share effective ideas and information with these communities will be a handy skill for an IT professional to develop and also the ability to respect work place ethics is also a significant skill that should be developed.

How can we plan to develop ethical behaviors and communication competencies?

When it comes to term workplace ethics, Ethics are set of values moral principles and norms that should be followed by both employers and employees in a certain work place. In order to be an obedient employer and to be ethical we can practice good habits from minor stages like dressing well and professionally suiting to any environment. Learning to respect others opinions and trying to build up professional relationships will make us a perfect individual who equipped with good ethics. As initiative steps we can practice these habits from our home. Being a good listener also will help to develop effective communication skills. This skill will benefit in terms of listening to Customers professionally.