This message is a blissful one for those who are interested in painting or designing. ‘Tilt Brush’ is the newest room scale 3D painting virtual reality application, developed by Google. The ‘Tilt’ can be used for Drawing, painting and even sculpt in space. Actually, the user can do everything to his art except touch. The room space can act as the canvas to the drawing. It provides a new platform for paint in 3D space and to design a detailed artwork in the virtual palette.

The Tilt Brush is developed by using a virtual reality headset, a pair of hand-held controllers and two tracking sensors that can map the user’s movement in space. Users can experience painting with life-size three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light and fire. The software for Microsoft Windows was introduced in 2016. The application is designed for motion interface in virtual reality but also it can work with a keyboard and a mouse. Another fantastic advantage of this is, it permits users to share the artwork as room scale VR masterpieces or bite-sized animated GIFs.

In late 2015, the concept of the Tilt Brush revealed by two scientists at Google Labs, Skillman and Hackett. They said that this brush designed especially for artists, painters, cartoonists, dancers and designers. Artists can doodle their artwork first. It always allows users to walk around their art and fill up the things.

Tilt Brush is simple to use. It has not complicated rules to work with. The process of this can easily understand. Therefore so many people around the world that interested in painting and 3D arts are eager to buy this product.

The Tilt Brush released to the market at the HTC Vive’s launch in 2016. In late 2017, they announced that it is now available on both Oculus Rift and Vive virtual reality systems. The Tilt Brush comes together with a vive branded headset.

The designer team of Tilt Brush desired to improve it gradually. We can see the remarkable updates of this product in future because the Tilt Brush is still a part of growing effort.