Throughout the COVID19 lockdown, people are required to work or do studies using the video-conference network for meetings, classes and even social events from home.

Zoom is one of the most popular platforms used for this purpose since there are good reasons to use it: simple to set up, simple to use and allows up to 100 people to enter a meeting for free.

There’s one downside, though. Zoom’s ease of use has made opening Zoom meetings easy for troublemakers to “bomb.” Information-security experts say the protection of Zoom has left several gaps open, but it is getting better.

There’s also been a lot of questions about Zoom’s privacy policy, which appeared to grant Zoom the freedom to do as it saw fit with personal data from any user until recently.

However, now the Google has stepped up and its business and education-focused Meet videoconferencing service introduces a Zoom-like gallery interface and better integration with Gmail, as the number of video conferences and video calls increases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google’s GM and VP of G Suite Javier Soltero told Reuters that the company is introducing several new features for Google Meet to tackle the increasing demand for video conferencing apps ahead of time. These features,

  • Enable users to initiate calls and attend meetings directly from Gmail.
  • A gallery layout which displays up to 16 meeting participants in one frame.

According to Google, here’s an image of what the latest Meet integration with Gmail will look like — it looks like you’ll be able to start or enter a meeting from the sidebar of Gmail:

Later this month Google also plans to add the opportunity to boost your video quality in case of dim lighting conditions and to block background noise when you call using Meet, reports Reuters.

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