Have you known that hiding among the digits and letters that makes up your NIC number are a couple of the most important details about who you are? If you have, do you agree with me that no matter what this character assortment means, decoding it is not the easiest task for any of us at any given time?

But one amazing member of our Team GGSLK made an effort at breaking it down, and what it ended up being is a sleek web application which we are going to introduce to you now.

NIC Birthday Finder is of course hosted by GGSLK at the time being, and if you visit the above link, you may find that honestly no form of introduction is even needed. It boasts of an evidently user-friendly interface at the first glance, and it also includes a cute avatar with some adorable moves which our team identified as Tharindu himself. He is of course the creator of NIC Birthday Finder.

The app has made use of the responsive front-end framework Materialize for the familiar look and feel of Google’s Material Design, and the rest is simply Tharindu’s hand-coded magic which extracts the information that is displayed as the output, each time you’ll enter a correct NIC number.

And not to forget that this application is accessible in two languages at the moment, Sinhala and English.

It must be mentioned that NIC Birthday Finder is still in its infancy. It can grow out to be even more useful and consist of even more features with the ideas and contribution of any of you. And it is as simple as visiting the GitHub repository where it lives in, and starting out by creating a personal fork. We at GGSLK encourage anyone who wants to join to do so, and the developer is more than happy to welcome you to collaborate on his project.

Tharindu Randipa is the Event Support Lead at GGLSK, and he also serves as a team member at Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka. He’s currently a Software Engineering undergraduate at SLIIT.

Contribute to NIC Birthday Finder via GitHub.

Contact Tharindu Randipa at Facebook and LinkedIn.

Visit GGSLK Birthday Finder on Facebook.