With the evolution of computer programming people invent new technologies day by day. No matter what the technology is but it should be User friendly.In the other words it should consist of best UI/UX trends. Whenever programmer implement a program he/she should have to pay attention about the user interface as well. Because it is the first appearance for the user. Well-designed interface add a high demand to the particular product.

As same as User experience also very important thing which you have to consider while you are designing an interface. It simply concerns the technology with the user experiences. For better explanation let’s consider about a mobile phone. Nowadays people are so busy and they have no time to answer their phone call by clicking or swapping the screen, in such a situation the best UX trend is design a mobile phone which can answer the phone call just by saying “Hellow”.User Experience (UX) Design of our application should be usable, accessible, desirable, valuable and credible. For an example let’s suppose you are designing website and going to publish it. For that if you want to get attention of many number of users you should have create it by considering UI/UX trends. Here are few of the UI/UX  in 2018.

One of the most popular UI trend which comes for mobile interface is vibrant color palettes and displays without borders. Here main aim of shift towards border less display is capture the maximum user attention. In apple iPhone X this one is already implemented.

Another new thing which regards to UI trends in 2018 is making difference in icons. As every designer accepts eye-catching icon or logo can speak thousand words about the brand. Other than using static content in icon we can replace it by using video. Through that it is easy to attract people for particular brand.

As above there are number of UI trends we can find. But out of all these trends one and only aim of these trends is attract the user. So if you need to attract the user make sure that you are using best UI/UX trends.