We are students for about 20 years normally in our lives. But exactly it is not like that because we are learning every day. But we get classroom experience in our school life and university life. Do you ever think of an online classroom? Most of you may aware of Google classroom. Here I am informing you about the updates to Google classroom those are scheduled to come this august.

Google is introducing 4 new pages to Google classroom namely STREAM, CLASS WORK, PEOPLE and SETTINGS. We will talk about them one by one. So what is stream??? How can it enhance the prevailing class experience?

Stream page is like this…It provides a snapshot of classroom activities. Actually it is like a summary of what is going on in classroom in this moment. Think about your physical classroom experience. Sometimes you may lose your attention and you are confused at a time. But you cannot go back in that situation, but this online classroom will rescue you in such a situation. So it may be very useful thing to those who lose their attention very badly. And also you can see what are the due activities in next two three days if you go to this page.

Class work is another new page. It displays the assignment details. It is not just a fact as in the stream page, it is a description. Also there is an option called CREATE at the top of the page. You can create quick assignments using that.

Setting page provides these opportunities to do in your classroom. You can change your class code, you can change stream settings, you can decide whether guardian summaries should be available or not and you can decide whether show deleted items or not.

People page makes managing students, co-teachers and parents. It contains teachers’ email addresses. So you can directly contact them via e –mail. I think it is very much usable for those who reluctant to ask questions while the lesson are going on. People page include students’ guardians’ information and it facilitates to contact them if available.

So those are the latest updates to Google class rooms. Let’s get the advantage of them to the maximum.