Android TV, it’s make your TV smart and smart with interactive television experience. Its very simple to use and learn. Android TV developed by Google. It’s based on Android operating system. Android TV officially announced on June 25, 2014 at google I/O 2014. Android TV can access google play store. You can download apps, games and media streaming services (Netflix, Hulu) easily from google play store, and developer with mobile app can do some modification easily. In Android TV essential entertainment apps are available and easy to navigate access to entertainment easily. Android TV interface divided vertically three selection

  • Recommended apps in top
  • Media apps on middle
  • Games on the bottom

And there was a discovery bar it’s suggest popular application to use to you .You can get wonderful gaming experience on Android TV because Android TV is a specially supported for the online gaming and offline gaming. Android TV supports voice command its helps to search and you can control across other devices well. Google announced this year google assistant also Android TV. Now google cast and Chrome cast are supported in Android TV.

Some devices offer Android TV

  1. Sharp AQUOS TV
  2. Sony Bravia TV
  3. Xiami Mi Box set-top box
  4. Nvidia Shiled set top box
  5. Razer Forge TV