The Chromebook is similar to the normal pc system. Basically, Chromebook is run by Linux based Chrome OS. This device is performing a variety of tasks by using the google chrome web browser. It is better than normal pcs with several operating systems because Chromebook is doing all things by using cloud. Moreover, chromebooks don’t require large storage hard drives. Another extra advantage of this is, some Chromebooks can run Linux applications.

Chromebook can access more than one user apps and personal content. It means that many users can continue accounts by using one Chromebook and they can access their own apps and personal content anytime.

The Chromebooks are less expensive than laptops.

General specifications of Chromebook are as follows.

  • Generally smaller than traditional laptops.
  • Available screen size 12.3 inches (rarely manufacturers have 14 or 15 inches)
  • Standard Ram is 4GB (some Rams are 8GB and 16GB.)
  • Most display size is 1366 x 768 , can display full HD.


The Chromebooks don’t have more onboard storage space. The reason for that is that more devices have 32GB and these are boosting their storage to 64GB or even 512GB.

Security of Chromebook

One security feature is sandboxing. When we are using Chromebook, our usages have own pool to store their activities. So if malware or other threat attacks, we can find that from this resource pool. That resolution part is doing by that sandbox. Then sandbox traps this threat and delete or resolve that threat.

Reasons for the using Chromebook

With the arrival of the Chromebook, the web applications traffic is decreased a little bit. As an example if we cannot install and run the Microsoft Office desktop version, we can get it from Google Office Suites.

Linux OS haven’t any problem, we can work Chromebook on it.

Chromebook is fully not depended on internet. It has over 200 chrome apps while offline, so many of android apps are working on without internet connection. Your works on offline apps are automatically saved and you can update it to the cloud by using the internet at any time.

  • Chromebooks have super battery life, we can work over nine hours on a single charge.
  • Chromebooks are durable and some are waterproof.
  • Boot-up time is about five to fifteen seconds.
  • We can buy chromebook in $200-$500 .
  • Think , if your chromebook dies, you don’t worry about that also you have as a backup. You can logging your account and used your old every documents.
  • Update is easy.

I hope that you got some idea about Chromebook!