In last Google IO, which held in SLECC, the google crowdsource team has came up and speak about the importance of crowdsourcing and importance of handling content of internet.


Actually If we speak about the content of internet, First of all, think about your mother language. Mother language means the language, which you speak from your childhood. If it is English, you are from a European country and it is okay, but think that you are from Sri Lanka or India…

What do you think about the content of internet from your mother language, Do you know the world population percentage of English people and the number of content? Do you really thought about the percentage of your people and and about the percentage of the content which from your language? You’ll get amazed and you’ll get ashamed about it. Your language can be Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu or anything… But you are accessing the content of English…

Google Crowdsource Mobile Application

Google has came up with a new android application, it called “Google Crowdsource”. They using this application to improve their services on languages, as you know google is the main search engine. We always telling our friends, “Machang, Search it in google, he knows everything”. But he do not know anything, if we do not tell him. So Google Crowdsource app using to improve the content from other languages. You can help us to improve your language content in Internet.

Google have used Some machine learning stuff and some algorithms like Image Recognition, Translations, Landmark Evaluations for the application and it improve the quality of the application. You can download the application by clicking here.

Have a great day!!