Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by google. It can translate texts, speeches, images, sites and any real time video
from any language to any language. It got 103 language support, including Zulu,Urdu and Sinhala. Google translate offers a web interface and a mobile application
for android and iOS users, so they can translate any text to any language.
Google Translate lanunched in April 2006, as a statistical machine translation service. United Nations and European Parliment used to transcripts to gather linguistic data.
Finally in November 2016, Google announced that google translate will be transformed into a neural machine translation engine, also called as GNMT (Google Neutral
Machine Translation). GNMT helps to translate whole sentences, with the correct grammer. GNMT gradually being used for more languages.
This GNMT is a neural machine traslation system developed by Google. It uses an artificial neutral network to increase the fluency and accuracy in Google Translate service.
It applies example based machine translation method (EBMT) to enhance the quality of GNMT.
From 2010 onwards google chrome uses google translate as an optional downoadable extension from February 2010. If we talk about the android application and the iOS
application supports for more than 100 languages, it’s android application was released in January 2010 and its web application which made for iOS users had been launched
in August 2008.
In May 2011, Google has announced that Google translate APIfor software developers had been depreciated and would cease functioning. Finally API was used by lots of third
party web sites, so google decided to continue the API as an paid service. In 2014, Google introduced a community program to seek volunteers to improve the translation.
Google’s new service which launched on 2016 , ‘world lens’. It helped google translator to traslate physical signs in real time using the devices’s camera.