If you are a Google geek you should have definitely heard the word “GDG”. It’s a buzz word all over the globe which has involved thousands of Google lovers.


GDG, as we all know it is referred to as Google Developer Group. GDG is a community of developers who have  a keen interest on Google’s developer technologies. These technologies start from simple product APIs up to gigantic cloud platforms. GDGs are not always formal. Let’s assume that a same interest group get together for a meet up to discuss about a latest product from Google, this simply is a Google Developer Group.

GDGs are supposed to be technical because they are focusing on latest technologies and technical interests. There are 103 independent GDG chapters all over the world and as Sri Lankans we should be really proud to have our own community in Sri Lanka which is called as Google Developer Group Sri Lanka. This 103 chapters organize different kinds of hackathons, meet ups and conferences in order to give the best knowledge to the community of their local chapter.

Google Developer Group Sri Lanka

Google Developer Group Sri Lanka is one of the most active GDGs in world. It is a non-profit entity which strive for improvement of the tech education of the local developers. They have bought the best meet ups, competitions and conferences to all tech enthusiasts around the Sri Lanka. Some of the major events that are marked in Gold in the history of GDG Sri Lanka are DevFEST 2016 Sri Lanka, Google IO 2017 Extended Sri Lanka powered by Dialog Ideamart, Google IO Rewind, Janashakthi Appathon Challenge, Android Study Jam, GDG University Outreach Program, CodeLanka, Andriod App Clinic, Leads in Heels, monthly meetups and International Women’s Day celebration event by the Google Women Techmakers.

Google Developer Group Sri Lanka is sponsored by Google, WSO2, Siyomek Holdings (Pvt) Ltd., Ideamart and RSVP.LK which give out a tremendous support when organizing events.

I know now you really want to join and contribute to a GDG. The closest one to you is Google Developer Group Sri Lanka. So don’t be late. Contact the chapter organizer soon ! It will cost you Rs.0.00.