For the first time, Facebook has introduced payments to WhatsApp, starting in Brazil. Facebook Pay, a unified payment service first introduced back in 2018, is powering the new feature. At the time, the company said it planned to allow service across its suite of apps including WhatsApp and Instagram.

The launch in Brazil marks the first full launch of WhatsApp for payments. After having battled to do so since it was purchased in 2014 for approximately $19 billion, Facebook is shown a new way to monetize its messaging application.

Payments to WhatsApp

Although in most markets it is limited to the main Facebook app, Facebook Pay is now in around 40 countries worldwide. The only exceptions are in the United States, where the Facebook Messenger app is also available, and now Brazil, where it is available as well in the WhatsApp. A WhatsApp spokesperson stated that in more countries, the payment feature would arrive, even though they did not reveal when or where the implementation would take place next.

Mark Zuckerberg facebook post

From 15th June 2020 onwards, anyone in Brazil can buy goods from local companies with WhatsApp and send cash to friends and family without leaving the app, with debit or credit card support. Initially, the support for both the Mastercard and the Visa Payment networks is limited to Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi.

As far as security is concerned, the details of the card are encrypted by the PCI standard, and users must use the Facebook Pay PIN, or the fingerprint, for each payment to be authorized.