Instagram is growing faster than Facebook. According to published reports, Instagram is adding around 300 million active users each month, while Facebook is only adding 228 million to its main service.

Instagram only gives posting pictures and sharing stories, but Facebook can catch up with friends, statuses and different types of links. Instagram’s images are high in quality than Facebook when it comes to social photo sharing.

Instagram is more mobile friendly, specially since it was a mobile only platform for many years. It’s no surprise that Instagram is a better mobile experience than Facebook. And also, Instagram stories’ integration is better than Facebook.

Instagram is trending up young people. Usage of Facebook among the young crowd, specifically between the ages of 12-34 years, declined sharply between 2017 and 2018, with the increases in Instagram and Snapchat usage.

Instagram is more commerce Friendly. Commerce on Instagram is woven so tightly into experience, that is feels like a very natural extension of the platform. Instagram is a better place for Brands. There are many brands, who consider that it’s a genuinely prestigious experience to have its content encountered on Instagram.

Instagram is a more positive place than Facebook. All the perfect photos on Instagram make you better or worse about yourself. It is the matter of quite a bit of academic study right now, but at least you don’t have as many people yelling at you in the comments section.

Instagram has building messaging; Facebook Messenger is an unqualified hit. But Instagram chat can do at least some of the thing that Facebook Messenger can do. However, it’s said that video chat is coming to Instagram soon.