Microsoft comes up with new ideas and new features very frequently. After the recent update in Windows 10, it seems that another feature is being ready to be unveiled. Do you know what it is? Latest news about Microsoft reveal that Windows 10 calculator will very soon get the ability to graph maths equations. Here are some more details regarding this news…

How had Microsoft got this idea?
Microsoft has made the source code for its Windows 10 calculator app open-sourced on GitHub earlier this month. It’s reported that up to now, more than thirty suggestions have been received from contributors with regard to this app. Among the suggestions received, the suggestion that the company has selected to work on at first is the graphing mode.

This idea had come from Dave Grochocki, an engineer at the company itself.
According to a new report, Microsoft is now working to add this graphing mode to the app, which will enable Windows 10 Calculator to graph maths equations.

What’s the importance of graph mode?

Graphing Mode will allow users to create graphs based on mathematical equations, in a similar way to Matlab’s Plotting Mode. According to the statistics and articles shared around with regard to this feature, it’s said that algebra is the single most failed course in high school, as well as the most failed course in community college. Hence Microsoft believes that this graph mode of Windows 10 calculator will make the lives of students world wide way more better than earlier.

How will Graph mode help students with their studies?
The additions in GitHub show that this feature will allow users to graph linear, quadratic, and exponential equations, providing students and teachers with a free tool to make the process of learning algebra more interesting and efficient.

How long will Windows 10 calculator take to come with graph mode?
Since it’s still in process of development, no exact date is revealed as the date of releasing this feature. However it’s believed that this graph mode will be unveiled for Windows 10 calculators very soon, with one of Windows 10’s upcoming updates.

In the present, no calculator seems to be having this graph mode. Therefore when Windows 10 get this feature, it will undoubtedly make it significantly advantageous over the other calculator apps. With no time, other calculating apps will also try this feature. But still, Windows 10 would be the lead.