How long you’ve been using smartphones? Don’t you have memories of using mobile operating systems that are no longer with us?? Yes, there is a one.

When I was going through my old stuff I saw the above package and I couldn’t help but miss Windows phone, I miss those live tiles and the dark mode. Everyone does miss those things! It took Microsoft a few years to finally admit Windows Phone is dead, and the company is no longer planning to release any new hardware running its mobile OS or update it with any features.

Windows Phone debuted in 2010 with Microsoft’s Metro design philosophy, and a focus on glancing at your phone for information instead of digging in and out of apps. Startlingly Android and iOS still don’t have system-wide dark modes, nearly 8 years after Windows Phone first introduced it. As I mentioned before Live Tiles were one of Windows Phone’s most unique features. They enabled apps to show information on the home screen, similar to the widgets found on Android and iOS. You could almost pin anything useful to the home screen, and Live Tiles animated beautifully to flip over and provide tiny nuggets of information that made your phone feel far more personal and alive.

Some other neat features include the software keyboard, is still far better than the defaults on iOS and Android, especially with the recently-added tracing feature that lets you swipe to write words. Microsoft also experimented with features that were different to other mobile platforms, and some of the concepts still haven’t really made their way to iOS or Android: Kid’s Corner; Dedicated search button; Browser address bar; People hub; Unified messaging etc.

There is a saying, “Windows phone pushed both Apple and Google do better and better than before”, which is very true. In order to compete with Windows phone, at the time to launch with its metro design, Apple responded with ISO 7 and a flatter user interface and Google went one step further, by introducing its Material Design that included bright colors, playful transitions, and a much flatter and simplified interface.

Are we only missing the design of windows phone?? No, they had some fundamental principles and features that can now be found on both iOS and Android, like in order to prevent you from having to switch in and out of apps, they focused on deep data sharing between apps. When it comes to camera features, Windows phone did force phone makers to include a dedicated camera button to take photos from the lock screen far more quickly where both IOS and Android caught up with quick camera launch features. Windows Phone had a controversial Wi-Fi Sence Feature that let you share Wi-Fi passwords to your contacts.

Apple also added Live Photos to iOS 9, which is similar to an animated photo feature that was available on Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phone devices, which can be taken as an example that Windows Phone’s influences on both Android and iOS.Even the Samsung has also started creating its own version of Windows Phone’s Continuum Concept, that turns a phone into a PC.

So finally we can see that Windows phones have no future! Do we want Microsoft to give it another shot? Tough Questions isn’t it?? Microsoft might have one final stab at mobile with a device like this, but it won’t be the same as Windows Phone. But I really don’t want to see Microsoft launch Android phones, though. Unless they can bring something new and exciting to the table.