The Woman Techmakers scholarship, previously known as Google Anita Brog Memorial scholarship will be a great news for those who among us seeking for gender equality in our field – Computing and Technology. Understanding who Dr. Anita Brog was and what her struggle was will greatly explain what the Woman Techmakers Scholarship program is about.
Dr. Anita Brog was American Computer Scientist and the founder of Institute for Women and Technology and Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.She struggled to establish an equivalent place for women in the field of computing and technology by encouraging them to expertise in the field and play leading roles.Her belief was that technology affect every single part of our lives and that we should fight to make it a positive impact. She rebelled against the barriers that keep women and other unrepresented minorities from entering and moving forward through the field. The following quotes explain her vision more than anything else.

“Women will change the corporation more than we expect.”

“We’re at unique point in history where the things that we are building are going to significantly impact our
social, political, economic, and personal lives.”

“None of these devices address that women keep track of many people’s lives, not just their own.”

Today, her vision and fight is an inspiration for the women of computing and technology field.The Women Techmakers Scholarship program is a proud effort by Google to honor the memory of Anita Brog and to continue her mission of supporting women in computing and technology field.

Females from North America,Europe,Middle East,Africa and Asia Pacific are allowed to apply for the Scholarships.In this article we’ll only focus on Asia Pacific section.

Women Techmakers Scholarship winners will be selected based on their academic records,leadership capabilities and the effect on diversity.Winners will be given a cash award for the academic year and a chance to participate in annual Women Techmakers Scholars’ Retreat where they will have the opportunity to make connections with other scholarship winners and Googlers while participating in multiple workshops for both personal and technical development.The most important part about winning the Scholarship is that it won’t be an achievement of a single person.No,you’ll be supporting other women,while making an influence by contributing to the projects of the community of Scholarship program participants.

Females with the following qualification are eligible to apply:

  • Being already enrolled or wishing to enroll as full time or part time student in a Bachelor’s Master’s or PhD program at an Asia Pacific University for the current year
  • Being a student of Computer science or other related technical fields.
  • Having a good academical record.
  • Leadership.
  • Devotion to empower and increase the number of women in tech.

Application requirements are as follows:

  • Your contact information and details of your current or intended institutes.(along with academic transcriptions)
  • Current resume
  • Answers to four questions given(essay)

Applications are closed right now and will be open again in January,2018.If you are interesting in applying you’ll find this blog on medium by former Scholarship winner Dinu Sandaru (University Of Moratuwa, Scholar-2016) greatly beneficial for you.