With the pandemic situation, many companies are enabled “working from home” mode including mine. Well, in that case, working from home is not a new thing to the world but within these years is more popular than ever. But the pandemic situation is not the only reason to be work from home. Most freelances, some part-time jobs, maternity situations, employees who have transport issues, overseas workers conduct work from home situations.   Some of us more comfortable with work from home and some may not. Most introverts like to work from home. An extrovert like myself is dying to see the teammates and work with them freely and happily. And only one thing I love work from home is that I can work with my PJs.  Now that is not what I want to share you with.

There are many pros and cons when working from home. Sure there are many advantages but working from home may not easy and simple as you think. Even if you are not related to these issues be kind enough to ask from your other co-works or your associates. Today I’m going to share with you issues related to working from home.

Work from home 

1. Stress

There are many reasons for having stress. The problem is most people don’t know they have stress and that makes the situation worst. There can be thousands of little reasons that stressed you out. Sometimes you even didn’t think those reasons can be stressed you out.

  • Messed up a working schedule and you lost with the time
  • Too many distractions like receiving packages, non-work related calls and texts, spending time with social media even not noticing, pets, neighborhood noises, remembering chores
  • If you are a parent it would be difficult because little ones always love to hang out with you and you cannot say no to their cute faces.
  • Connection issues
  • Not receiving response on time
  • Workload
  • Deadlines and clients demands
  • And problems you already having like health issues, financial issues

How do you know if you are stressed?

You will feel overwhelmed like you are losing control of your works or need to take control, finding difficulties relaxing, feel bad about yourself, and you feel your emotion more strongly than ever for example if you are sad you will cry over little things. Feel exhausted and those are mantel symptoms but that not only it.

There are few physical symptoms too. Low energy, headaches, upset stomach, feel more pain, nausea, loss of sexual desire, and Nervousness and shaking.

And needless to say, you wouldn’t feel all at once. But stay alert.

Stressed working

2. Back Pain/ text neck

This happens a lot because of the bad posture. People who are not used to work from home don’t have a comfortable place to work freely. And sometimes work hours extended with all the communications issues and troubled schedules or other reasons.

3. Computer vision syndrome (CVS)

Needless to say, it causes not only by computing screens but also by any digital screen can cause it. If you spend more than two consecutive hours looking at any screen sure you can be productive at work but there is a risk you will get computer vision syndrome. This condition causes permeant eye damage but it can be pretty irritating and discomfort.

Common symptoms are listed below

  • Eyestrain
  • Redness
  • Irritation or dryness,
  • Burning feeling in the eyes
  • Blurred or double vision after computer use
  • Headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

4. Sedentary Lifestyle

This is not a health issue in the beginning. This cause because you work long hours and no commute or exercise at all. And you are getting used to it in no time. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to less productivity and then later stress. And also it increases followings

  • Risk of cardiovascular diseases,
  • Diabetes, and obesity,
  • Risks of colon cancer,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • lipid disorders,
  • Depression and anxiety.

Working from home and an active lifestyle have a direct connection. So don’t be lazy it is a risk to your health.

Sedentary Lifestyle

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Working a whole day without resting can cause this especially those who work on PC causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It brings about by pressure on the median nerve. On the palm side of your hand located a carpal tunnel and it is a narrow passageway surrounded by bones and ligaments. When you keep the same position the median nerve is getting compressed you will have the following symptoms include numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand and arm.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

6. Stress Eating

And also called emotional eating. Eating makes you feeling of “fullness” and when working from home feels negative and empty food come into that space. And that’s why it is called emotional eating or stress eating. It temporarily feels your fullness. But let me warn you it will become a habit if you didn’t take control of your eating.


This can be described as work beyond capacity. And also your work more than regular hours. This is the most common health issue of work from home. This also led to depression or stress.  There are few symptoms that you can identify.

  • Finding difficult to relax
  • You always run out of time
  • To do list keep growing
  • Tend to compare with others and feel like you are far behind from them
  • Bad mood.
  • And for females you might be missing your periods

8. Anxiety

Anxiety’s origin is internal. Most likely things not happened but might happen. And situations are not threatening but it concerned to you lot. That how it began. If you are a kind and softhearted person you might at a risk. You will feel fear of what will come next. These all could happen just because you working in alone environment.

9. Weight Gain

Work from home and weight gain more relatable when you concern about your body shape, weight, and appearance.  This will cause when you eat more calories and not burning them. Busy with work and not look after yourself. Needless to say, when this happens you feel your clothes getting smaller and you sweating than before or shorten or difficulty breathing.

10. Insomnia

Having fid difficult to fall asleep or staying asleep? Is it happens often? You are stressed about something or your environment is not ready for sleep like noises, light, or temperature, or did you change your sleep schedule? Stay alert this leads to insomnia. Working from mostly related to primary insomnia but can be secondary insomnia if you have a long-term health problem.


Finally, I need to say these are not terminal issues but they will unbalance your life. and also apart from these issues there are plenty of issues you may having But stay strong we have to go trough this. Stay in touch I will share how to manage work from home issues without problems. And during work from home how to manage your health.