Hi every one. Today I am going to introduce you about the newly member of Wi-Fi security family. WPA3 is the newly visited member of this family. We know that this is the generation of wireless security protocol. Simply what do you remind when you heard the word WPA3. Simply it Wi-Fi protected access. This technology is designed to prevent from eavesdropping our wireless data by hackers.

Let’s have a look about history of this technology. WPA3 replaced the existed wpa2 which is a network security protocol has been around nearly 15 years, used on Wi-Fi wireless networks. This technology is begun from the WEP. Then WPA is designed as a replacement of WEP. Then wpa2 was designed to as a replacement of WPA. Wpa2 is used on all certified Wi-Fi hardware since 2006 and is based on the IEEE 802.11i technology standard for data encryption.

WPA3 promises to bring the solutions to all the security vulnerabilities such as crack attacks.so Wi-Fi alliance have to invent a new technology as they have to face krack attack last year. Here WPA alliance decided to launch wpa3 in order to address the short comings that have occurred in wpa2.
So here we can see many new features wpa3 offers which is launched this 25th of June 2018.
• WPA3 is included with protection against brute force attacks
• We know that hackers attack to crash your Wi-Fi password
• WPA3 forward secrecy

Here are some new features of new member of the Wi-Fi security family.

• Protection against brute force attacks
As this function can work against brute force attacks, making it harder for hackers to crack your Wi-Fi password- even if you choose less complex passwords by using commonly used passwords

• WPA3 forward secrecy.
Wpa3 prevents attackers from decrypting old captured traffic even though they have password of a network.

• Protecting public/ open Wi-Fi networks
Sometimes wpa3 can encrypts the wireless traffic between your device and the Wi-Fi access point to mitigate the MitM risk.

• Strong encryption for critical networks
By using 192- bit encryption, the organizations which handling sensitive data can protect their Wi-Fi connections.

Wi- fi easy connect

With wpa3 the customers are able to connect with their smart home gadgets to their router.
As a result of this feature WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) which is considered as insecure has been replaced. With this new feature your smart device can connect by simply scanning the QR code sent to the smart device.

Ass wpa3 and Wi-Fi easy connect is a long term processes WPA2 will not stop working any time soon. Therefore wpa3 will still be able to support for the gadgets which are supportive for wpa2 also. At the end of this year wpa3 will hit mass adoption and will eventually become the mandatory requirement in considering Wi-Fi connecting.
Hope now you may have a clear understanding about WPA3.