Just have a look around your place, and think how messy is that? Now you don’t need to worry about your messy room or any other place that you wish to get Skype calls. All around the world there are millions of Skype users who use this for their business purposes and to have a chat with their parents and others. Definitely you would like if you can hide your private life in front of them. Why do you make your parents to suffer about how you live? Why do you make a black mark about your privacy during a Skype video conference or an interview?

Microsoft added a new feature to Skype to overcome this common problem and to increase the number of Skype users. The AI technology is used to focus on the caller while adding a blurring effect to the surrounded area. So the other person could not able to see your messy room. You can hide the place without cleaning or rearranging it. This feature clearly focus on you and do not blur your hair, hands or arms. Using the AI technology it has trained to detect the features of the caller and clearly identifies the movements without any conflicts. This newly added feature makes a great advantage during video conferencing and interviews because we do not need to worry about what is happening behind during the video call.

To get activated this feature just tap on the Skype video button and then select “Blur my Background”. Imagine you are having some secret plans and writings of your company written in a white board or displaying in an office room, you don’t need to clear all these. Instead of that now you can hide secret things using this blurring effect. This feature is still in the experimental level and they have given an announcement to Skype users saying that “We do our best to make sure that your background is always blurred, but we cannot guarantee that your background will always be blurred.” This background blur feature is now available in desktops and laptops which has the latest version of Skype. Still there is no any word saying that the mobile Skype apps also offer this new feature.