WhatsApp has already become one of the most popular messaging apps on this Earth! In order to provide a better service for its users, this Facebook owned company unveils new features from time to time. This time,
WhatsApp is ready to give users more control over how they engage with groups. WhatsApp now lets you control on who can add you to a group!

Why has Whatsapp come up with such a feature?

“As people turn to groups for important conversations, users have asked for more control over their experience. Now, we’re introducing a new privacy setting and invite system to help you decide who can add you to groups”,  says the company in answering this question.

During the past few months, a number of high populated countries had elections. In this case, it had been reported that various political organizations have added people for many groups as possible, with the aim of propagating their political messages. This had become a major issue for the citizens of those countries. As a remedy for such situations,
WhatsApp has thought of coming up with this kind of a feature. At the same time the company says that this new feature will help avoid circulation of unwanted messages.

How to use this option?

The new feature is available in Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. Users are given three options to choose on who can add them to a Whatsapp group. The three options are namely Nobody, My contacts and Everybody.

If one selects the option Nobody, no person can add that user for a group without his consent. To add someone who has restricted access, users will be required to send a private message to the person with an invite link. That individual can then decide whether they wish to join the group through the invite link, which will be active for 72 hours. If one selects the option My Contacts, anyone within his contact list can add him into a Whatsapp group without his consent. If a user selects Everyone, any random person can add him into different Whatsapp groups.

When will the users get this feature?

According to WhatsApp, it’s beginning to roll the option out to some users starting from April. The feature will roll out to other users around the world in the coming weeks. Yet the users will need the most updated version of WhatsApp to access it.

This latest feature of WhatsApp will for sure, give a relief for the users who are frustrated of getting added into groups which they have no interest at all. At the same time, it fulfills a requirement that many authorities were facing problems with. However, this of course, will be an impressive feature which will help the company attract more users towards it.